Why Entrepreneurship Is NOT Sexy

The words “entrepreneur” and “entrepreneurship” have become quite popular buzz words. Across social media, movies, twitter, even business circles, the word “entrepreneur” has become synonymous with sexy, cool, and hip. It’s the out-of-the-box thinkers who want to stick it to the man. It’s the Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerbergs. It’s the cool startups owners in Portland, New York, and San Francisco. It’s the people who founded Instagram, Snapchat, and PokemonGo.

While these associations may have some truth to them, I would like to take some time to point out that entrepreneurship is NOT sexy as the success stories would have you believe.

So Why is Entrepreneurship NOT Sexy?

It’s pretty simple why. It boils down to 2 words:


All the hard work, that no one sees, few people talk about, and most wanna-be entrepreneurs don’t wanna do. And I’m not just talking about working an extra hour at the office and maybe sweating a little during the day. No. It’s doing whatever it takes, up to the point of real blood, sweat, and tears to take your enterprise of the ground.

Entrepreneurship is working till midnight and getting up at 5 am, being with people you don’t like, never hanging out with friends, dropping the hobbies you love, missing out on all the tv shows your friends tweet about, and skipping dinner to finish a project.

Entrepreneurship is getting up early to conference call overseas manufacturers, and staying up late to demo products to potential customers, quitting your caffeine addictions to coffee to invest more into prototypes and websites, and driving to 3 different cities to have your product rejected by everyone you meet.

Entrepreneurship is having your friends, family, and acquaintances think that you and your ideas are crazy, and then having them tell you later that your ideas area great and full of potential.

Entrepreneurship is working your ass off doing construction and other crappy jobs you hate, so that you can earn some extra money, just to invest right back into your venture.

Entrepreneurship is spending hours in front a computer till your eyes hurt, researching the best way to do something, doing it, and having it turn out to be complete trash. And then going and trying again the next day.

Entrepreneurship is coming up with an awesome product, making it, taking it and showing to people, and having everyone tell you how horrible it is and what to do to make it better. And they’re right.

Entrepreneurship is taking all the criticism, complaints, rejection, and swallowing your pride, thanking them with a smile, and going back to the drawing board to make your idea better.

Entrepreneurship is skipping the benefits of a nice house, health insurance, and cool new gadgets, and instead living on a shoe string budget with rusting cars, little food, a garage for an office, and one bedroom to live in.

So is entrepreneurship sexy? Hell no. Not unless you are attracted to failure, criticism, emotional roller coasters, lack of sleep, no money, no hobbies, no tv-shows, little free time, constant stress, and the possibility that everything you are working towards will completely blow up into the worst failure you have ever experienced. But, if you are attracted to those things, you are probably an entrepreneur. 🙂

So, the next time you see a REAL entrepreneur, give them a high-five, tell them to keep up the good work, and don’t get jealous or mean about their “sexy” lifestyle!


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