Drink Less Coffee – Read More Books

There, I said it. And I have to admit, living here in the northwest, I’m definitely a coffee fanatic, possibly even a snob! Watch the video to learn more, and if I inspire you at all, check out my list of books below that I recommend to entrepreneurs!

The order is somewhat indicative of how much I’ve enjoyed the book. 😉 I’ll try to update this list as I add more to it.

  1. The 12 Week Year – Brian P. Moran
  2. Zero to One – Peter Thiel
  3. A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide – Jamie Stegmaier
  4. It’s Not About The Coffee – Howard Behar
  5. The One Thing – Gary Keller
  6. Kobold Guide to Board Game Design – Mike Selinker(the principles apply to other products)
  7. Thinking Strategically – Avinash K. Dixit
  8. The Defining Decade – Meg Jay
  9. Value Proposition Design – Alexander Osterwalder

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