Creating a New Blog

Well, once again, I’ve started a blog. I think I’ve started 3 or 4 in my lifetime and ultimately, been too busy to update them. However, this time, I have more motivation to keep things going. Why?

  1. No “official” job = a little more time to learn
  2. I’m trying to hone my conversation writing skills as I look for remote writing jobs on the side
  3. As a creator/inventor, I’m learning of the need to create a platform for sharing projects and lessons learned with the community
  4. The older I get, the more I forget. What better place to put embarrassing stories for my future kids to read?

I read a great article by Jamie Stegmaier on starting blogs. The biggest thing that I took away, was that you don’t have to figure out some specific topic to write about, and be #1 in that field. You can write about anything really, just keeping things interesting, easy to read, usefully, and promoting community and conversations. As a perfectionist, this is the info I need to hear; because I’m a sucker for analysis paralysis!

Interested in starting your own blog? Here is what I did, and so far, I’m pretty satisfied with the service and provides I’ve been using! (Finding a good website host is a pain!)

  1. Purchase 1 or more domain names on NameCheap.Com. While GoDaddy and other places offer cheaper prices initially, long-term, you are paying more money.
  2. Use SiteGround.Com as a shared hosting site. So far, I’m pretty impressed. They have SSDs for their shared servers, and they called me after a few days, just to see if I was doing ok and needed help with anything. And their interface is really simple and easy to set up. Finally, for shared hosting, their server seems to be 10x faster than what I was using before (BlueHost) and they are optimized for WordPress.
  3. Install WordPress during the guided setup process at SiteGround, choose a theme, and start editing your website!

Ok, that is definitely an oversimplification, but hey, it gives you a place to start and learn. Google search is your friend! I’ve also heard a lot of good things about SquareSpace, if you aren’t interested in learning WordPress and do have more money to spend. 🙂

So, what do you guys think? What’s the #1 reason you haven’t worked on your blog? Who do you like for hosting your websites? Comment below with your thoughts, critiques, and jokes! And if you are feeling super nice, subscribe to my blog! 😉

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